A new community freesheet news for Great Warford

The Revd Jon Hale (Rector of St.Mary’s Church, Alderley) writes …..

It’s now two years since I began as Rector of St.Mary’s Church.  The St.Mary’s Church parish extends to Great Warford and Nether Alderley.  I live in Nether Alderley, by the church, and I am conscious that I am not in Great Warford as much as I am in Nether Alderley.

To serve its parish, every Church of England parish church wants to communicate, and to foster better communication.  In two previous parishes, I set up a community freesheet news, and both are still running.  These are now at the centre of the community and they provide a regular meeting point between local businesses, local organisations including the churches, and everyone who lives there.

With Nether Alderley Parish Council, St.Mary’s Church is now setting up a monthly community freesheet news for Nether Alderley, to begin later this year.  If there are enough volunteers in Great Warford to deliver the publication to every home in Great Warford, the freesheet can be extended to Great Warford.

Please contact me on alderleyandbirtles@gmail.com or 01625 585440 if you would like to deliver the new monthly community freesheet news in Great Warford.  I am working in this with Great Warford Parish Council.

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